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Helping Nicaragua

Discipleship and Evangelism



Discipleship is the foundation of each trip.  We have a group of young boys (typical ages of 10 to 20) come out to the house we rent.  They come either for the full week or for a long weekend retreat depending on thier school schedule.  They stay in the house with us.  They eat the same things we eat.  They do the same things we do.  

There will be a prepared Bible study that we lead the boys through.  There are typically three sessions per day.  Each session may last an hour and a half or more.  Sometimes this Bible study will follow a book that each studant can take home with him for further reflection or to share with his family and friends.  Other times, we may take an expository look at a particular book of the Bible.  On occasion, we may look into different subjects that the boys are having to deal with in thier everyday life.  We will examine those subjects in the light of God's word.

Julie has planned activiteis that reinforce each session.  The games, contests, and other fun activities are designed to reinforce the teaching that they have just recieved.

Discipleship is a time to teach the boys that they can read the Bible themsleves and that the Holy Spirit within them will guide them to all truth.  Most of the boys we disciple attend a church, but they are not taught to read the Bible or to think for themsleves.  We try to teach them to look past man and look to God.