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Helping Nicaragua

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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

On some trips, we will pick a village and go door to door asking people if we can pray for them.  We are very rarely turned down.  Everyone has a need of some kind.  For some, it is the physical health of a relative.  Others may ask us to pray for the spiritual needs of a friend.  It is not uncommon for someone to ask for prayers for their own spiritual needs.  It seems that some are just waiting for us to come by and lead them to the Lord.

We often give out stuffed animals or candy to the kids when we do this.  When you show unconditional love to the kids, the parents take notice.  We also hand out tracts that the family can read after we have left.  On some trips, we may have copies of the Jesus video that we can hand out to those that may have a TV and dvd player.