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Helping Nicaragua

Discipleship and Evangelism


Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/27/2021 - 02:04

To say that 2020 was a different type of year would be a major understatement.  With the onset of COVID-19, the borders to Nicaragua have been closed.  This has prevented onsite trips to Nicaragua, but it hasn’t prevented us from still encouraging and helping the people of Nicaragua.


Even though our main focus this year has been on helping Michael with his pilot training, we have still maintained contact with and helped those we could in Nicaragua.


Michael came to the US with a 6 Month Tourist Visa.  Due to COVID-19 and the closing of the borders, he has not been able to go back.  The expenses just to keep his Visa status current and keep him legal have been tremendous. Every 6 months we must file for an extension for his Visa and that costs thousands of dollars.


During this time, Michael has been taking lessons to become a private pilot.  He hopes to some day use his pilots license to help spread the Gospel.  He has done well and is getting closer to completing his first level of training.


Thank you for working with Helping Nicaragua to bring about honest change in people’s lives through discipleship in Jesus Christ. We look forward to what God has in store for the rest of 2021!